Unplugged with Eraldo Full Show: January 12th

Leading Fitness Expert and Author Jillian Michaels talks about why genetics doesn’t have to dictate how we age. Founder and Editor-in-Chief of INKSPIRED Candies Liu talks about how talks about her magazine and the tattoo culture & evolving lifestyle. Actor, Former Athlete , Entrepreneur and Author of “Food Talk” , Sanjay Raja talks his new book and the importance of true lifestyle changes. Sanjay will also be appearing in an upcoming film, The Favorite. Debra Ruh, a Disability Inclusion Strategist, Brand Ambassador and Influencer talks about the value that people with disabilities offer the world. She shares a report that 1 in 4 Americans identifies with having a disability and the importance of brands to recognize the disability market. Debra talks about big brands that are working to change this.